Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A quick update...

A friend emailed me this morning to ask if I was ok cause I haven't blogged in a while,can't believe it's been 2 weeks since my last post but I've been really busy.Yes,I am ok I've just been trying to get things organized around the house and get it ready for my family who will be coming in from out of town on the 17th for my niece's birthday party.She'll be having a Quinceanera,if you have never heard of it,it's a coming of age 15th birthday ceremony.They are about as big as a wedding would be.I had been in charge of invitations,photography and the day before I'll be making the cookies that will be served with the cake and punch.We are expecting 150-200 people!
My mom called Saturday to say she was on her way to my sisters house to drop some things off for the party so I got to spend the day with her and my sister.It was a nice surprise especially since I haven't seen her in a while.
If anyone reading this knows my mom,please don't tell her I put this picture up,she'll kill me! The picture below of my beautiful niece,she turned 14 on Saturday!
Right before I left to my sisters house she told me her sister in law was getting married in a small ceremony and didn't have anyone to take her pictures and asked if I can do them for her.Of Course I would!She didn't have to ask,I love taking pictures! So I made it to my sisters house right before my mom got there and she took all the grandkids out to lunch while we went to take the pictures.It worked out great cause we all got back at the same time.My feet got sunburned,I was tired,hungry and I got bit by ants while I was taking pictures(in front of the brides family) but I still had fun! Hopefully she'll like the pictures(she better LOVE them) I took through all my blood, sweat and tears. :) She really was a lot of fun to work with.This is her with her father and her son.
Oh,I almost forgot,I won the giveaway Carol was having a few weeks ago for the free 24x24 wall graphic.I decided to order a picture of my niece she can use for her party.I received it yesterday and I love it! Have a great rest of the week!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Temp My Tummy Tuesday - Easy Chicken Lo Mein

I love eating chinese take out but sometimes it can be pretty expensive.I found this recipe for an easy chicken lo mein to make at home.You can use chicken,beef or tofu.I always use chicken,it's fast and easy.One thing I love about this recipe is you can use any veggies you like and I almost always have the ingredients on hand.
This time I already had cooked chicken,I just cut it up into pieces.

You need 1 package of Oriental ramen noodle(I used 2 for 4 servings)
chicken or your choice of meat
any veggies you like( I used broccoli,red peppers,onion,carrots,pineapple and green onions.
First take a little oil and stir fry your your carrots,they take the longest to cook.I then added the garlic,red peppers and onion and cooked for just a few minutes.
I put that in a bowl to the side since I everything didn't fit in my pan.Next,I stir fried the brocooli,pineapples and added the chicken.While the last of your ingredients are getting cooked,start a pot with boiling water and cook your packages of ramen noodles but do not add your seasoning packet.Cook your noodles just until they start to seperate then add it to the pan with the broocoli,chicken and pineapples.It should finish cooking in the pan.Add your carrots,onions and red peppers back into the pan.Clear a small space int he pan and add a little of the boiled soup water and then add your seasoning packet and soy sauce.
Mix it all together and voila!This recipe is very kid friendly.My kids love it.Hope you enjoy!

Visit Lisa at Blessed with Grace for more TMTT recipes.
Have a wonderful Tuesday!

Friday, September 11, 2009

A Giveaway

Carol from My World is hosting a giveaway for a 24x24 wall graphic!She is hosting this giveaway for Large Format
It's hard for me to choose one picture if I won but if I did, I think I'd choose a picture of my kids.I've never had any of their pictures larger than an 8x10 and I think I'd put it up in our family room when we get it finished.
Visit her blog about all the details on how to enter and hurry cause I and another winner will be announced on Sunday!(he he)

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Our Labor Day Weekend

I hope everyone had a good holiday weekend!It was pretty busy but we enjoyed it.
We thought about going out of town to see my mom,then decided to stay and spend it here at home.Friday we went out to eat at our favorite fast food place,Chick-fil-A,it was family night and they were serving free ice cream sundaes.They had a few tables taped off for a competition of tabletop football and,the kids were invited to to play and the grand prize was a nugget tray,a brownie tray and a gallon of ice tea.Caleb made it to the finals and we were sure he was going to win.Whoever scored 5 touchdowns first,wins.They flipped a coin and Caleb got to go first and he scored every point first before the other kid until the very last point,he missed,giving the other kid the chance to get the 5th touchdown first.I felt so bad for him,he really loves those nuggets!:]
But he made me so proud cause he was such a good sport,he reached over to shake the winners hand and told him "good job"(something he learned to do well while bible quizzing) and then went over to get his free sundae.
Saturday,we picked up his instrument for band,I had to go and pick up invitations for my niece's Quince next month and we bought groceries and spent the rest of the day at home.

Sunday we only had one service in the morning and a cookout after wards,everyone was invited to stay and eat.We had a bounce house for the kids,snow cones,hamburgers and hot dogs and karaoke! It was a good time of fellowship for our church family.
My sister and her husband were also having a cookout so I went over there for the rest of the day.I spent time with my dad and the kids went swimming.We had so much fun we decided to do it again on Monday.Everyone brought some food.I brought two cakes and bacon wrapped jalapenos.We had fajitas,mexican rice,beans,potato salad,smoked sausage and grilled corn. Oh I'm getting hungry now!I love sitting by the pool and soaking my feetI hate when someone is always ready to pull you in!

Hope your having a great Wednesday!

Monday, August 31, 2009

Simple Woman's Day Book-- Aug 31,2009

FOR TODAY August 31 2009...

Outside my window...It's a gorgeous day.Sunny and in the lower 90's.I know that's still hot but nothing compared to the triple degree heat we've been having.At night it get's down into the 60's and 70's and we can drive with our windows rolled down.I feel Fall in the air :)

I am thinking...of psalms 46:10.Be still and know that I am God.
Sometimes I'm so worried or anxious about something that I forget that He is in control.

I am thankful husband.I just am.

From the kitchen..I'm in a baking mood so I'll be making some banana bread later.

I am family reunion t-shirt and a black skirt.

I am creating...My Sunday school class is moving to a bigger room and I've got some great ideas in my head on what I want to do.Can't wait to get started!

I am going... to stay home until the kids get home from school.

I am reading...nothing right now but plan on making a trip to the library soon to see what I can find.

I am hoping...for a great Labor Day weekend.

I am hearing...quiet.The kids are in school.Some times I'll play a c.d. but most of the time I like it just like this.

One of my favorite things...burning my favorite candles.

A few plans for the rest of the week:Tuesday night at church we're having High Heels in the Kitchen.Some ladies will do a cooking demonstration and we get to wear our favorite high heels, eat,laugh and have a great time!

Hoping everyone has a great Monday!
You can get your own Day Book here.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Back To School !

One of them was not very happy about going back...or having his picture taken on the first day.
They actually started last week and now they both love it.They go to a charter school that is K-12.Caleb started 6th grade which is considered middle school and he loves it now.He is taking beginning band and he'll be playing the trumpet this year.Sara is in 3rd grade and she just loves everything about school.She even plays school during the summer.I told her the other day I think she was born to be a teacher and her face just lit up!

I've started babysitting so I'm staying busy during the day and my days start at 5 a.m. now,a big change compared to waking up during the summer at 9 or 10 a.m.But I love it! Almost makes me want another baby.
Just kidding!
well, maybe just a little.
no no really,just kidding!
OK maybe I'm not kidding.

Alright,alright,I'm stopping now.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Outdoor Wednesday -- Dallas Arboretum

Just wanted to share some pictures of our trip to the Dallas Arboretum.Through the month of August admission is only $1 + parking $5 .Join Susan for more Outdoor Wednesday posts.
It was hot but there was plenty of shade all over.
Some parts of the Arboretum overlook White Rock Lake.
It's a very popular place for weddings.
It's also a great place for brides or anyone to get their pictures done.This young lady was getting her pictures done for her Quince(15 th b-day)
One of my favorite places here is Crape Myrtle Allee.It's a sidewalk leading to Toad corners and Pecan Grove.I love how the ground is covered in crape myrtle flowers.
This is Toad corners fountain.Every corner has a toad squirting water from it's mouth.
And here is where we had our lunch,Pecan Grove.You can see other people in the background enjoying a picnic and playing football and frisbee.Oops!sorry bout my granny pannies showing :/LOL!
Here's another crape myrtle garden.When you walk through it's like a light snowfall of crape myrtle blooms.This is one of 15 storybook houses they had on display.Can you guess which story this is?
It's Hansel and Gretel.Isn't it cute?
I'll just leave everyone with some of the last few pictures I have.
Thanks for stopping by,enjoy your Outdoor Wednesday!