Friday, May 15, 2009


Well it looks like another busy weekend,tonight we'll be going to a rehearsal dinner for my friends wedding tomorrow! I'm so excited,I love weddings and I haven't been to one in a long time.My son Caleb will be an usher so you know I'll be taking lots of pictures to share with you.Saturday night I have to come home and bake some cakes for a bake sale we'll have at church on Sunday.We're trying to raise money to send over 50 kids to summer camp!If anyone has good fund raising ideas let me know cause we need to raise about$ 7,000!!!
Have a great Weekend!!! and I'll see you back on Monday with some pictures of our weekend!

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Dianne said...

Hey Monica, Thanks for visiting my site. I am located in Little Rock and couldn't believe you had a plug for North Little Rock First Assembly since you are in Texas. I was raised Assembly of God and used to visit First Assembly NLR when I was a little girl. Concerning the tall grandchildren--yes, you are right--we have 7 and it looks as though at least 5 of them will be extremely tall--our sixth grade granddaughter wears a size 12 man's shoe--good thing for her that she loves basketball!! LOL