Thursday, June 4, 2009

Last Day of School!

Does anyone else get sad at the end of the school year? I do.I can't believe how the years have just gone by so fast!I love that now the kids will be home and we can"hang out" but it still makes me sad that this school year for them is over.I love their teachers and always wonder what they're next ones will be like and what this next year has in store them.
Here are a few pics of they're last days of school.
This was field day,May 22,09The girls had to fill up a bucket with water with only a soaked sponge that they had to pass over each others head.The tire relay below.Go Sara!!!
This was my favorite,tug-o-war!I heard the girls on the other team saying how it wasn't fair because Sara and Emily(her best friend) were on the same team and they're just too strong.Ha!It's true,these girls are very competitive!
I can't say the same for the boys in Caleb's class,they lost to the girls every time! Ha!
Here are the boys after losing.....again!It was quite embarrassing really,but they were all good sports.

Monday,they get to bring home everything they worked on throughout the year.Yay for me!yeah right!I usually look through everything and keep only a few papers and artwork from each year.
The kids in Sara's class planted herbs a few weeks ago and they got to bring them home too.

Yesterday was their last day of school and also their awards ceremony.Caleb received awards for citizenship,social studies and his elementary school diploma :] He also got a personal award from his teacher for being virtuous.She said it was because he always does the right thing.
Sara received several awards.First she was awarded the principal's award for having a 95% and above average in all her classes throughout the whole year.She also got awards for excellence in reading,spelling and language arts.There she is with her and her BFF again.
I always like to buy a small gift so the kids can give their teachers on the last day of school.This year they gave them some flowers in a cute pot.Here's Caleb's teacher giving him a hug after he gave it to her.
This summer I told my husband I would like to go bike riding at least once a week at a park and pack a lunch to enjoy while we're there.I also plan on signing them up for summer reading clubs at our library and local bookstores,they'll be going away to summer camp with our church for a week,and they've been wanting to visit grandma so we'll do that too.We also want to go camping this year,which will be a first for us.So what does your summer look like?


Miller Racing Family said...

This is Trey's first year at school in the daycare and I totally agree with you about being sad when it is all over. All the photos were great. I like the tire race what a great idea.
Have a great day!

foxxy said...

Hey Monica! Yeah the end of the school year is kind of sad for me too. We had a good year though with good teachers and good grades. I hope next year is the same. Enjoy your summer with your little ones.

Sharon said...

Yes, I used to get really sad when school was over. I was excited for summer to start and be with my kids all the time, but when school got out it meant that they were another year older and that was sad for me. I also would miss the teachers and the other kids too. Now that my third son has graduated, we only have one left at the high school and he'll be a sophomore next year. It has just flown by! Try to really soak in all the moments with your kids!

Hugs, Sharon
P.S. You have darling children and they are such great students! Good job!

Kelli said...

I'm sad about school being over and my baby being off to 1st grade but she is not sad at all. Your kids look like that had a blast on the last days of school and look like they did very well. Way to go!