Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Our Labor Day Weekend

I hope everyone had a good holiday weekend!It was pretty busy but we enjoyed it.
We thought about going out of town to see my mom,then decided to stay and spend it here at home.Friday we went out to eat at our favorite fast food place,Chick-fil-A,it was family night and they were serving free ice cream sundaes.They had a few tables taped off for a competition of tabletop football and,the kids were invited to to play and the grand prize was a nugget tray,a brownie tray and a gallon of ice tea.Caleb made it to the finals and we were sure he was going to win.Whoever scored 5 touchdowns first,wins.They flipped a coin and Caleb got to go first and he scored every point first before the other kid until the very last point,he missed,giving the other kid the chance to get the 5th touchdown first.I felt so bad for him,he really loves those nuggets!:]
But he made me so proud cause he was such a good sport,he reached over to shake the winners hand and told him "good job"(something he learned to do well while bible quizzing) and then went over to get his free sundae.
Saturday,we picked up his instrument for band,I had to go and pick up invitations for my niece's Quince next month and we bought groceries and spent the rest of the day at home.

Sunday we only had one service in the morning and a cookout after wards,everyone was invited to stay and eat.We had a bounce house for the kids,snow cones,hamburgers and hot dogs and karaoke! It was a good time of fellowship for our church family.
My sister and her husband were also having a cookout so I went over there for the rest of the day.I spent time with my dad and the kids went swimming.We had so much fun we decided to do it again on Monday.Everyone brought some food.I brought two cakes and bacon wrapped jalapenos.We had fajitas,mexican rice,beans,potato salad,smoked sausage and grilled corn. Oh I'm getting hungry now!I love sitting by the pool and soaking my feetI hate when someone is always ready to pull you in!

Hope your having a great Wednesday!


Carol Kennon said...

I don't like to do post without a picture either! Glad you guys had a fun Labor Day Weekend. If you get the chance, go enter my giveaway for a free 24X24 digital print for your wall. It ends Sunday. Love you, girl!

Annette Duvall said...

I just love that look on Caleb's face with his trumpet. He is such a great kid!

Love ya,

Layla said...

Oh by the way, thanks for not putting up the picture you took of me....eating.....sheesh.

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