Thursday, January 29, 2009

Bible Quizzers

Well we are back and our team placed 6th place out of 29 teams that were there.If we had placed 5th we would have brought home a trophy.There's always next month!They'll be doing this until July,if they go to nationals.They are studying the book of Luke and by the time they are done they will have memorized over 200 verses.This is such a great way for them to study and store God's word in their heart and have fun while doing it.They love going out of town,staying in a hotel,and meeting new friends.

Here they are quizzing,there are 15 questions and whoever buzzes in first gets to answer.They are also able to interrupt the question being asked but then have to finish the question and answer it correctly.Here they are studying in between quizzes.Jacob (in the red) is our Pastor's son,he got a trophy for second highest score quizzer of all the kids that were there.
Way to go! Our whole church is proud of all of you!

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