Monday, March 23, 2009


It's Monday you know what that means,Friend Making Monday! Head on over to Kasey's blog to join in.
Today we have to list 10 things that we are super thankful for.

1.GOD. I'm thankful that I serve a God who loves me no matter what.He's good to me even when I don't deserve it.

2.My husband. He's a good husband (most of the time) lol! ;) he cares for me and he's a good father to our kids.

3.My children. I'm so thankful that God has blessed me with two beautiful babies that bring me so much joy.

4.My vehicles. They're nothing fancy but I'm super thankful because they get us to church,my husband to work,my kids to school and me to wal-mart. :]

5.My mom and dad. They are good parents that love and care for me and have always been very supportive of me and my family and have always trusted me.
(Not good pictures of them,but it's all I had.) Hopefully they won't see it.

6.My home. I wasn't always as thankful as I should have been but I am now.I always wanted a bigger, newer house and now that ours is paid off and I see other families who have lost their homes because of the economy,I'm super,super thankful! My family has a roof over their heads,a big yard to play in,good neighbors and a warm cozy bed to sleep in every night.

7.Our health. I'm thankful that we are all pretty healthy.

8.My husbands job. A few months ago,he moved from second shift to first,a few days later everyone on second shift was laid off.I'm praying that work starts to pick and there will be so much, they have to call all those people back.

9.Great friends. I'm blessed that I have some great friends who are always there for me.

10.Creativeness. I'm thankful that my showed me how to be creative.

There's a lot more ,but we could only choose 10 and I think that was a good idea since I know all of us have so much that we are thankful for.Thanks for taking a look and have a great rest of the week!


Kelli said...

Great list. I love your garden below too. I want to try tomatoes this year.

Rhonda said...

I enjoyed reading what you are thankful for. Wow you have a house paid for...that is awesome! steps for me!

jenjen said...

Hi Monica! What a wonderful list! It's so nice to reflect on all that we have.

And so great about having your house paid off! We are working on that one!

Have a super day!


Tanielle said...

Great list!! What a beautiful family you have! It is wonderful to remember all that we have to be thankful for! I love FMM!!!

Have a great Monday!

Becca said...

I love the picture of your hubby & daughter!

Thanks for sharing all you are thankful for!


Christie in Dallas, TX said...

What a sweet family you have, and how lucky they are to have such a caring, grateful Mom/Wife/Daughter. Thanks for sharing your list and heart!


Leah said...

Great list and photos. :)

Julie said...

What a blessing to have a home paid for! It's a great feeling!!!

momma said...

enjoyed reading your list!

Heidi @ Blue Eyed Blessings said...

Monica, Thanks for stopping by my blog for FMM. I'm a little late in making my rounds, but I thought I'd come by and say hi!

Your list is great! And what a blessing that your house is paid off and that your husband still has his job. I was really glad we got to share some of the things we are thankful for...I know I don't do that enough.

Blessings to you and your family!