Friday, March 13, 2009


I'm so thankful the weekend is here and my kids are off for spring break next week.
I was hoping to show you some pictures of the work we've done in the garden but it's been raining and cold all week and we haven't done a thing!We probably won't get started until next weekend (I hope).But,I'm thankful for all the rain,we really needed it.
I did start planting a few seeds in some jiffy pots to get stared.Joe got home from work and tried to get my garden ready but it started raining as I took this picture.UGH!
This bed is right behind my house and I'll only plant my tomatoes,peppers,green beans,snap peas and maybe the radishes there if I have enough room.I like it close to the house so I just walk out the back door and grab a tomato or some herbs if I need it.I might have to grow the herbs in a pot on the patio so I can have enough room for everything.Everything else like the squash,carrots,lettuce,cucumber,cantaloupe and watermelon will be further out in the back yard where we have more room.This year we're adding corn,broccoli,and red onions so we'll see how that turns out.This is only our 3rd year growing vegetables so a lot times things don't come out as we had hoped but it's still fun and we learn from our mistakes.
The weather is supposed to be beautiful next week when the kids are out for spring break so we'll going to the park a lot and maybe to the library and just hanging out at home.
Thanks for stopping by and have a blessed day!

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Pam said...

Hi I think everyone is starting to garden. I grew up having large gardens and Mom canned everything. Are you going to be canning? I haven't ventured into it but thinking about it this year.