Friday, April 17, 2009


I wanted to show some pics of our Easter with our family.Our family reunion was Saturday and Sunday so for Easter everyone got together at the park.A traditon we have on Easter is breaking cascarones on each others heads.We haven't done this in years since we usually spend Easter here at home.I don't let my kids think that Easter is all about the Easter bunny and eggs and candy and egg hunts and baskets.Don't get me wrong I don't have anything against people who do all those things ,I think it's fun and I even bought Sara a basket this year.My kids know what Easter is really all about and to me that's remembering and celebrating what Jesus did for all of us,to remember his death and ressurection.This year since we would be spending Easter with our family and I wanted them to know how their parents spent Easter when we were kids.
You can read more about cascarones here.Here are some pictures to show you how it all goes down.You kinda have to hide your stash until that one person brings one out and then it's on! Any one else do this?It's mainly popular in hispanic culture.

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