Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Sara stayed home from school today;she's got a fever her head,stomach and legs hurt AND she's throwing up.She's resting right now so I just wanted to post a quick blog about what I've been up to the last few days.Saturday we woke up early and went to that huge community yard sale that I mentioned before.I wish I had gotten pictures but I was so busy going through everything and going from house to house that I forgot to take pictures.Here was my favorite find of the day,I spent $6 for all this clothes( I forgot to include another shirt)2 shirts,2 skirts,and the dress with the cardigan.One of the shirts is American Eagle and the brown skirt is Banana Republic,the dress was brand new still with the tags for $80,I got it for $2! SCORE!!!I also got some of those "o" rings that you clip on fabric to hang up for curtain.I bought 2 rooster prints for my kitchen and a few other things.I didn't go overboard,believe me I could have.
Sunday we went to church,Sunday night after service we had a wedding shower for a sweet couple from church.My Pastor's wife was teasing me about my blogging and said all the pictures I was taking would probably end up on my blog.Too bad I didn't get anymore I was trying not to lose my place in line for the food.
She made another comment to her daughter saying that I was going to take her picture of her hair and blog about it so I did.See her hair,CUTE!See the girl in the back with the red shirt that's Neda,she's the one we were having the shower for so she and the groom to be wore shower caps and bathrobes.They're so silly:)
And this little cutie is our Pastor's daughter.She just wanted me to take her picture so I did.
And by the way,she says she can't help it if all the little boys like her!
MondayI stayed home to clean and do laundry,then we went to singing practice at church for a new song we'll be singing on Sunday.Here's the video.

Hope everyone 's having a great day!


Sweet Nothings said...

I'm sorry your daughter is sick! Hope she gets better soon! Sounds like you had a busy weekend and got some great deals!

Alexis said...

Yes, I adore Janette Oak, and the movies don't do the books justice. It's like they tried to make the script as far away from the books as possible. Thanks for commenting!!!

Alexis said...

Oh, and I'm not usually up at this ridiculous hour. Just fixing to put the baby back down.