Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I'm back!

I'm so glad to be back home!I had a great time seeing all the family and I wish I had more time to stay longer but there is truly no place like home and I couldn't wait to be back.I really want to go back again this summer and visit those I didn't get to see.It was an emotional time for me and others in my family especially my dad.My grandparents both passed away before I was born so never knew them only the very little that my dad tells me about them.My dad is the oldest sibling so he's the one that looked after all of the other 7.From what I've heard,family that should have stepped up to help,didn't, so this left a lot of anger and bitterness from all of the siblings through the years.I convinced my dad to just go with me for the ride and told him if he didn't want to go to the reunion he didn't have to.That first day everyone asked for him and I told them that I wasn't sure if he was coming but that he was in town.We left around 4 o clock to go back to our hotel, freshen up and meet again to have dinner at 6.I tried to get my dad to go but he wouldn't, then my aunt(his sister) called and said "put your dad on the phone!" and for the next 2 minutes my dad just sat there quietly listening.When he hung up the phone,he kind of sighed and said"o.k.,let's go buy me something to wear."
I can't even tell you how happy I was! When we got there,we didn't even make it to the door before aunts,uncles and cousins all came to give him hugs and kisses.One aunt(his dad's sister) came and gave him a hug and said something to him and he almost started crying which made me almost start crying! :) We had a great time that night and took lots of pictures and by the time it was over my dad didn't want to leave,it was the funniest thing cause he'd be talking with someone and we'd be behind that person motioning with our hands to let's go!!
The next day for Easter everyone got together at the park and again my dad didn't want to leave and he finally told me to go ahead and go, that he would catch a ride with his sister;too bad she was getting ready to leave too! LOL!
This first picture,is of some of us eating breakfast at the hotel.
The first day of our reunion,when all the family met,we all got in a circle and prayed,I was trying to get a better picture but from where I was standing,I couldn't fit everyone in.

This is the oldest member of our family he is 91. We call him Tio Beto or Uncle Beto.He is my great grand father's brother.... or uncle .....I think.Everyone gave him a standing ovation when he walked through the door.
And this is just a picture of me with two of my cousins I haven't seen in a long time.I hope to share more pictures of Saturday night and Sunday hopefully tomorrow.

So now I want to know what y'all do when you have a family reunion,I'm trying to get ideas for our next one,I might in charge of our next on and wanted to know how often your family has them,every 5 years,2 years,annually?We are thinking of having another one next year because a lot people weren't able to make this one.

Now, other stuff, my friend Carol from My World tagged me for a game of eights.I have to list 8 things I'm looking forward to and 8 things I did yesterday.
Here goes 8 things I'm looking forward to:
1.Turning 30 next month,I think I have finally embraced it!
3.eating fresh veggies from my garden
4.starting to excersice daily
5.the huge community yard sale that will be going on this weekend,it gets so packed,cops are out there to control the traffic.
6.fixing up our home.
7.getting a new puppy
8.summertime...I know I already mentioned it but I can't wait!

Now 8 things I did yesterday:
1.unpacked blogs
3.watered the garden
4.went with my husband to musicians practice at church
5.while I was thee I went over my Sunday school lesson
6.went grocery shopping
7.talked to my dad,my cousin,my aunt,2 of my sisters about when I was going to send them pictures of our weekend.
8.took both kids to a dentist appointment. (no cavities.yay!)

I'm suppose to tag other bloggers but everyone has pretty much been tagged already so if you want to join in go ahead!
Have a wonderful day!!

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Anonymous said...

What a wonderful Easter weekend you had!

Yes I am a grocery gamer, however...I am just in a trial right now, me and sister duvall wanted to talk to you about joining in with your crowd!!! We will talk more at church!