Monday, May 11, 2009

How Was Your Mother's Day?

I am feeling much better and thankful I got to enjoy my Mother's Day.We had a busy weekend starting Saturday with a block party at our church.We do this as a way of reaching out to all the people around our community and invite them to church.We have been having so many visitors that are now members coming because of our first block party last year in October and yesterday for Mother's Day we had even more come that were at our block party Saturday!We donate all kinds of things we don't use anymore and let everyone come and just pick out whatever they can use.The best thing is it's all free!

So is the food.We served hamburgers and hotdogs.
Here is a picture of some of the new friends we've made.
We also have drawings for gift cards,a digital camera,mp3 player and a new kids bicycle.
We had a good time and the weather was just perfect.This little guy was there too,look familiar?It's Landon. I don't think he was too happy about me taking his picture.
For Mother's Day service, a few ladies including myself,participated in a" what mom's wear" fashion show,it was really cute.I asked my husband to take pictures..................I'll never ask him again.These are the only two that came out right.The first one is New Mom,she wears everything she'll ever need for her new baby.She was cracking me up with her catwalk!
And then Activity Mom,you know those mom's who have their kids in every sport and never miss a game?
There was also a toddler mom,project mom,laundry mom(me) and grandma mom.All the mom's got a rose and some won door prizes.I didn't get to see my mom because she lives out of town and for these past couple of years she's been going out of town herself to spend Mother's Day with my grandma,isn't that sweet?My aunt did come to church with me and I really enjoyed having her there with me.Hubby and the kids took us out to eat after church and then we headed home to rest and go back to church for evening service.It was a good day.

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