Thursday, June 11, 2009

Were were hit with some severe thunderstorms yesterday on our way to church.The power went out twice while we were at church but it happened before the service started and then after,so we were still able to have church,praise God!
I was a little nervous on our way there because the wind was so strong and the whole way there we saw the tree limbs and traffic lights swaying,heavy rain and we later found out that there was a tornado somewhere near by!I know some people had more damage than this and had power outages in their homes so I'm thankful this was the only damage I found this morning.

Looks like we'll be staying home this weekend cleaning up this mess.
Hope everyone has a wonderful Thursday!

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foxxy said...

Oh my! Monica I'm glad you didn't get hit too bad. It looks like you lost some plants though. I live in Texas too and we haven't had any severe weather yet. Thank Goodness! Have a great weekend!