Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Outdoor Wednesday

One of my favorite things to do in the summer is going for walks at the park in the evening.
It's been too hot here in Texas to do anything outdoors,we're talking triple degrees HOT!So when the sun is starting to set,we'll go to the park.To me,It's the best time.The park we went to has a memorial for Veterans.I love the way the silouette of the soldier statue looks in this picture.

There are all sorts of paths you can can walk thru.This one is going thru the garden area.
As we were walking by,my husband noticed what he thought was a toy plastic solider that someone placed on the lattice.When we looked closer we saw that it was made out of twist ties.

This is the pond area.

These people were having a hard time getting their dog out of the water.

My family taking a break after our walk.
Thanks for stopping by!If you'd like to participate in Outdoor Wednesday,stop by Susan's blog.
Happy OW to everyone!


Rhonda @ Shellbelle's Tiki Hut said...

What a wonderful way to spend family time! It's hot, hot, hot here in Florida, but doesn't even cool down enough at night to venture out. I'd be right there in the water with the dog!

Happy Outdoor Wednesday!

Jeanne said...

Hello Monica, I so enjoyed your walk in the park. Our park is 16 miles from where we live. Lucky you. a lovely post with great photos. The twist tie soldier was so unreal. He looked odd in the setting. Makes you think who placed him there.


Mary said...

What a lovely park. I'm sure there is a story behind the figure made of twists. I'm always so curious about such things. Thank you for sharing your images with us. Have a wonderful day.

Monica said...

I was wondering the same thing!but it makes it more fun when you find him cause you're not expecting him and then when you do it's a sweet surprise!
Thank you ladies for your comments!

ButterYum said...

The twistie-tie solder man made me smile. Wouldn't it be neat if the person who made if stumbled upon your blog. :)

Lynn said...

Wow! Wouldn't you like to know the story of the twist tie guy!?

stefanie said...

beautiful photos, happy outdoor wednsday

Carol Kennon said...

Love the twist-tie guy!

Debra said...

Monica, Glad you like the website I posted about...I love it.

Enjoyed looking at your pics from your walk in the park. The twistie tie guy is so cool! I think I would be in the water with the dog in that heat. I grew up in East Texas and it was really humid there. Is it humid where you live?

Monica said...

Thanks again Debra and yes it is very humid!